Living and studying in Taiwan

These achievements have made the country to be named as one of the 4 Asian tigers. Over the years, Taiwan has become a great choice for studying who want to pursue Chinese language as a major and other interesting courses. With a huge number of high quality colleges and universities, safe environment and friendly people, many international students are flocking the city of Taiwan to pursue their courses.

Taiwan is known for having an outstanding education system. Year after year, many Taiwanese students flock the job market with the highest scores making them more eligible for employment. Taiwan universities provide strong academic programs that are very competitive in the job market. The first thing you experience when you touch down in Taiwan is the welcoming nature of Taiwanese. The local people here welcome the visitors with open arms. According to the recent survey done by InterNation’s Expat Insider, Taiwan was among the top three friendliest countries in the world. This survey as carried out in more than 67 countries where Taiwan emerged the best. It’s a fact that this wonderful island is the safest destination for international students.

The delicious cuisine and beautiful Chinese temples bring out the rich and colorful culture of Taiwan. The unique historical background gave birth to today’s multifaceted culture of Taiwan. When traveling around this country, you’ll discover numerous traces that were left behind by Spanish, Dutch and Japanese. If you love photographing or surfing, then Taiwan is a great place for you! This island offers picturesque landscape and majestic waterscape, which makes it a visually stunning place.

Many say Taiwan is the epicenter of great culinary from traditional Hakka and Hokkien cuisines to authentic Japanese food. There is also the influx of other international cuisines that ensure there is something for everyone who visit Taiwan. This country is also the birthplace of the famous bubble milk tea, which has taken the world by storm. You can also enjoy eating amazing bao in almost every street corner. Food plays a major role in Chinese culture, and therefore learning about Taiwan food is very essential when about Taiwan’s rich culture.

Living in Taiwan will definitely re-invigorate your passion for public transportation. Taipei is among the cleanest cities in the region with efficient subway systems. It takes an average of 30 minutes to move one place to another using train. All signage are written in Chinese and English, which makes it easier for travelers to accessible most area in the train station. Taiwan also has a very high speed rail that connect people from north to south in just under two hours.

Taiwan is also famous for a flourishing local art work. You’ll come across many warehouses and factories that are now converted into art galleries and parks like Pier 2 art center in Kaohsiung, Songshan creative park and Huashan cultural park in Taipei. Taiwan has many historical sites that well preserved, which helps to keep the fascinating history of Taiwan.