Application process for studying in Taiwan

Taiwan has seen the number of international students double in the last four years to slightly over 5,000. Most of the students come from the neighboring Asian Nations, but there are those from Eastern Europe and US. English is the prefer language of tuition at 41 universities where more than 121 programmes are taught. According to the latest statistics, international students prefer visual communication design and Mandarin as their majors. Other top majors include finance, management science, business administration and engineering.

Application process

– All non-EU students are required to apply for their student visa before travelling to Taiwan. The process take about 180 days where students that have enrolled for full degree programme will be issued with a Resident Visa and Alien Resident Card. Applications for the entry and mandatory visa formalities are taken care of by the university to which a student has applied. Each university in Taiwan has a minimum entry requirements. It’s very important to know that the closing date for most applications is normally in February.

– For EU nationals, they also need to make a formal application. A letter of acceptance issued by the university and documentation showing a student has sufficient funds to support themselves (normally a bank statement showing at least $2500) are required.

– Students applying for their resident visas are required to have a health certificate. In case the health certificate shows that a student is HIV positive, a student might be denied visa. In some cases, Taiwan authorities require students to take HIV test. Up to 6 months, students can purchase or sign up for a health insurance programme for international students. Insurance premium are mostly paid monthly once the registration is successful. This cost is usually included in your tuition fee and covers for many other things. Some campuses also have their own on-campus health facilities the provide minor treatments to students.

What to expect in Taiwan

Taiwan is a country that is known for promoting liberal democracy by showing greater commitment on issues such as human rights, freedom of expression and gender equality. The country has breathtaking tropical forests, hidden gorges, marble enormous sea cliffs and marble mountains, which make it look like a paradise for many students. Taipei is the capital city of this wonderful country and its also the epicenter of all cultural activities. There many temples used for prayers and cultural activities.

Foreign students also get an opportunity to enjoy Taiwanese cuisine that include shrimp rolls, steamed dumplings and shaved ice dessert, which is accompanied by local teas, fresh juices and beers. International students can access full culinary experience at the nearby night markets. Food is very cheap in Taiwan, which means students can either decide to cook for themselves or buy take away snacks or meals. For your convenient there are numerous supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, postal office, medical institutions and dry cleaning places.

In Taiwan, you will never be bored because there is always something to see or events taking place. Taiwanese are also friendly people and always willing to help you. That will make your life easier in this country during your stay.